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Our Favicon generator is a free online tool to generate Favicon, App icons for your websites or App. It produces icons for Android, iOS, and Windows in PNG formats. Once you upload your image, the tool will then do the conversion, give you downloadable .zip file, extract the file to see various sizes and formats from which you can choose from. You can save this tool as favourite for quick access.

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Understanding Favicons & App Icons

Favicons are tiny 16x16 icon files that are shown in the address bar of a browser next to the URL of your website. They're frequently shown next to your site's name in a user's list of open tabs and bookmark listings, or in search engine results pages, making it easier for the user to recognize your site among other websites.

The graphics you tap on your smartphone to open an application are known as app icons. Higher resolution app icons are required as newer phones with higher resolution screens are released. When creating an app icon, you must produce multiple size versions of the same image because developers still need to support older phones with lesser resolution. This appliest to all smartphones, including the iPhone and Android, as well as tablets like the iPad.

Why You Should Use Myfavetools Online Favicon Generator

1. For Websites

Favicons are a welcome addition to any online project and are adored by webmasters worldwide. They draw visitors' attention on everything from small blogs like Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress to online shops and major corporate websites, adding value to brand identification.
If your business already has a logo, it is simple to upload it and include it into the favicon's design. Additionally, you can design a logo in accordance with your personal style standards. Because browsers automatically look for the file "favicon.ico" and return a 404 error message if they cannot locate it, you can use a favicon to ensure clean source code.

2. Compatible with all devices and browsers

On desktops and home screens for all platforms, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones, your favicon will appear properly in all browsers. All browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari, support the particular specifications of the files and formats produced by our favicon generator.
The aforementioned browsers will show your favicon in two crucial locations: open tabs and within bookmarks. If your website has been pinned to a smartphone home screen, your favicon will also be displayed as an app icon.

3. Generate Image Formats Suitable for all Devices

The Favicon Generator accepts both .png and .jpg file uploads. You will receive a downloadable.zip file with a number of standard formats suitable for a wide range of apps after creating your favicon.
The Favicon Generator also offers files of various sizes at no cost. You can make the necessary icon online and use it however you like with our favicon generator. No matter what device your clients or readers use, you can be sure that your icons look the same across all platforms and that your website is easy to recognize.

The image below is an extracted .zip file containing various sizes of favicon for different device time. Once you upload a single image, our tool will convert them into different favicon and out put them in a downloadable zip fil where you too can extract the files.

How Safe is it to use Myfavetools JPG Converter?

Our Favicon Generator online tool is responsive on any web browser. Myfavetools takes your file, uploads them over a secure HTTPS connection and our system deletes them automatically within 1 hour. Therefore, your files are secured as we don’t store, view or share them; you don't have to worry about your file security and privacy.

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