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How to Convert HTML Files to PDF

1. Enter website URL

To begin to convert your HTML or web page into a PDF, enter the one website URL in the field provided starting with http:// or https://.

2. View and download

After your file conversion has been completed, view the new document by downloading the HTML into PDF conversion to your computer.

Why would you want to convert HTML to PDF?

Converting HTML files to PDF format can be useful because HTML files often reference other files, such as images and style sheets. If these elements are not included when sharing an HTML file, the recipient may miss out on important visual aspects. Converting an HTML file to PDF creates a replica of the web page, which can be useful for web designers who want to show clients their vision for a web page without requiring the client to open a raw HTML file.

There are several benefits to converting HTML to PDF. Here are 5 of them:

1. Consistency: PDFs maintain the same formatting and layout, regardless of the device or software used to view them. This ensures that your documents look the same for everyone who views them.

2. Security: PDFs can be password-protected, preventing unauthorized access to your content. This makes them ideal for sensitive documents like contracts, legal agreements, and financial reports.

3. Portability: PDFs can be easily shared and viewed on any device, without the need for specialized software or plugins. This makes them a convenient way to distribute information to a wide audience.

4. Archivability: PDFs are a reliable format for long-term storage, as they preserve the original content and formatting of your documents. This makes them a good choice for important records and historical documents.

5. Searchability: PDFs can be easily searched and indexed, making it easy to find specific information within a document. This is especially useful for large documents like manuals, reports, and catalogs.

Is it safety to convert HTML to PDF?

Our tool ensures the safety of your data by automatically deleting all uploads and conversions after one hour. You can rest assured that your sensitive information is secure during the conversion process. So, yes, it is safe to convert HTML to PDF using our tool.

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