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Oladoyin Falana

Myfave Tools Founder

Simple tools don’t have to be complicated and everyday tools should not be costly; an everyday tool should be for everyday people.

Myfave Tools was founded by Oladoyin Falana, a Tech-savvy – SEO Growth Strategist & Digital Marketer. With the belief that essential web tools for everyday digital nomads don’t have to be complicated and costly, Oladoyin launched these online tools for everyday needs of the people. The goal is to create essential web tools, which are not limited to SEO tools, development and website management tools, but covers unit conversions, image tools, and as well as file converters. Myfave Tools covers 100+ of basic web tools designed for developers, digital marketers, students and other professionals.

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Mission & Vision

Even though my team and I worked to launch this platform with over 100 tools, we plan to add more and more tools. You can add as many tools to your favourite tools list at any time you want.

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