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Myfavetools PNG to JPG is a free online tool that takes your images in PNG format and convert it to JPEG format. Converting your images, pictures,photos in png format is made simple with this tool. Remember to add it to your favourite list for quick access.

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.PNG files are essentially compressed image files that don’t affect the quality of the image. PNG images are excellent for usage in icons or graphic designs since they feature transparency and can have RGB or RGBA colors. Animations with improved transparency are also supported by PNG. PNG is a format that is open and uses lossless compression.

On this page, you'll understand the uniqueness in both image formats, when to use it, and most importantly, how to convert from PNG to JPG.

JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), on the other hand, is a universal file format. JPG's widespread use is due to the significant compression it provides on images. JPG files are therefore ideal for sending over the Internet and used on websites due to their comparatively tiny size. Using our JPEG compression tool, you can cut the file size by up to 80%.

How to Convert a .PNG File to a .JPG File Format

Myfavetools PNG to JPG is a free online tool that takes your images in PNG format and convert it to JPEG format. To get started with this tool:

  • Click the "Select File" button and select the images you want to convert. 
  • The tool allows multiple files at a time and you can upload up to 100MB files at once. 
  • You can also use the drag & drop feature to drop your files into the box area.
  • Once you upload the images, our PNG-to-JPEG tool convert them one by one, automatically applying proper compression parameters and generate images in JPG format.

Understanding .PNG and .JPG File Formats

Understanding the difference between Portable Network Graphic (PNG) file or a Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG or JPG) file format will help you to decide when to use each of the file format.

Images can be stored in both PNG and JPG formats; they are extremely similar in that both of them include image data, like pictures. But each one has its own distinctness.

Files with .PNG image are created with lossless internet transmission in mind. PNG files don't have some characteristics that would make them suitable for printing, particularly CMYK color support. PNG files are primarily made to look fantastic on computer screens and mobile devices, not on paper.
.JPG files, however, are a little different. Unlike PNG files, JPG files are compressed, which results in a certain amount of image quality loss. The image's quality can be reduced to the extent that you desire, which reduces the image's filesize. Although JPGs are not lossless like PNGs, they nonetheless perform well in both digital and print formats.

Why Convert a .PNG File to a .JPG?

There are several things that you cannot accomplish with a .PNG file. You cannot, for instance, have it printed. A reputable printing shop won't accept PNG files because they lack CMYK color information.

PNG files also have transparency spaces.; this permits the image to have pixels that are entirely empty. These empty spaces might be filled with black or white pixels if you try to print a PNG or upload it to specific websites, which would drastically alter the way the image appears.

This is why it could be beneficial to convert a .PNG to a .JPG. Since transparency is not enabled in JPG files, you can preview an upload before you actually upload it. JPGs also support CMYK colors, allowing for highly accurate printing.

How Safe it is to use Myfavetools PNG-to-JPG Converter?

Our .PNG to .JPG converter online tool is responsive on any web browser. Myfavetools takes your file, upload them over a secure HTTPS connection and our system delete them automatically within 1 hour. Therefore, your files are secured with us; you don't have to worry about your file security and privacy.

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